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The ALL NEW ROCK Robotic R1A!

Indiana Drones reveals and reviews the all new ROCK Robotic R1A LiDAR system and cloud processing service.

Join Indiana for this exciting video revealing and reviewing the brand new R1A LiDAR system by Rock Robotic. This system is an industry game changer! Indy puts the R1A through its paces with a challenging flight in the Rocky Mountains and it quickly becomes his new favorite system.

Indiana discovers that the Rock Robotic R1A comes with some stellar perks that he has been

missing in the industry leader’s LiDAR systems. The focus of ROCK Robotic is on simplicity, ease of use, and industry leading accuracy.

Look at the amazing features of the ROCK Robotic R1A:

  1. The new R1A has cornered the market on ease of use, including its app based control and cloud data processing abilities.

  2. 5cm vertical accuracy!

  3. The R1A is light weight and compatible with your favorite drones including the DJI M300, M210 and M600.

  4. The online freely available Documentation and new User Community is hands down the best in the industry.

  5. At $30,000 The price for the new Rock Robotic R1A easily beats the current industry leaders and is a perfect investment for newbies and established users alike.

What’s not to love? The new Rock Robotic R1A is off to a hot start and Indiana Drones is thrilled to be along for the ride with this exclusive reveal!



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