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The Ultimate Cyber Monday Reveal - The Inspire 2 LiDAR Drone

It is Cyber Monday and do we have a treat for you! For the first time ever, we present to you... The DJI Inspire 2 ROCK LiDAR Drone!

That is right! The popular prosumer drone that has been a mainstay for videography now has a LiDAR! We integrated the ROCK R1A LiDAR sensor into the Inspire 2. The system draws power directly from the skyport and delivers over 100,000 laser points per second from this tiny payload.

So why the Inspire 2?

  1. The Inspire 2 is the highest end drone of the DJI consumer product line. Internal to DJI, they have 2 completely separate teams. The consumer drone team and the enterprise drone teams. It is no secret that the consumer team nailed it when they released the Inspire 2.

  2. The Inspire 2 uses TB50 batteries (97.58 Wh) and can travel on planes

  3. The Inspire 2 is CHEAP! only $3,300 for the entire system!

  4. and so many more reasons!

We took the Inspire 2 out to a test field and used Maps Made Easy to fly a terrain following mission plan. But first we tested the stability and the power used for hovering and extreme maneuvers. After several manual test flights, I verified that the Inspire 2 was not under too much stress, in fact the motors were not even warm.

With this verified we did the first ever mapping mission with the Inspire 2 LiDAR drone.

Our findings were INSANE! 15 min and 45 second flight time, powered from the Inspire 2, and hot swappable batteries! The future is forever changed!

Check out the data for yourself, and check out the video to see the flight characteristics for yourself!

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Does the R2A also work with the inspire 2?

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