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Drone LiDAR vs Photogrammetry | Epic Stadium 3D Model

Developing an as-built mode of an NCAA football stadium using UAS LiDAR and Photogrammetry featuring Emlid RS2 presented by Indiana Drones

It’s time to fly with Indy! In this episode he uses LiDAR and photogrammetry to capture precise data that can be used to develop a comprehensive as-built model of an NCAA football stadium. To up the ante on precision in this job, Indiana employs the Emlid RS2 GNSS receiver survey kit for his rigorous data collection. Traditional methods for gathering this data include physical tape measurements of all the space or elaborate laser set-ups and data stitching. Using a UAS LiDAR system instead allows hundreds of thousands of data points to be collected each second to map the area in significantly less time and with two centimeter precision!

Acquiring precise ground point data with high quality LiDAR equipment sets the stage for developing an accurate as-built model. The way the architects, engineers and builders intend for a space or building to look and function rarely matches the original plans once the construction dust settles. Changes in plans, materials, construction aberrations and the like result in differences from the original plan that need to be documented in an as-built model. When a space needs to be renovated, retrofitted or verified in order to perform maintenance or to maximize function and productivity the as-built model is key to moving forward. Developing a meticulous as-built model of a space lays the foundation for developing CAD and BIM documentation that the various planners will need for these purposes and during the lifespan of the building or space.

NCAA Stadium LiDAR

Photogrammetry Stadium

Special thanks to Emlid for sponsoring this video Indy and crew for this project. Indiana regularly uses Emlid equipment on his jobs because he has found it to be reliable and user-friendly for surveying, mapping, and collecting data with reliable precision. Using our link to purchase the Emlid RS2 GNSS Receiver Survey Kit helps the channel continue to provide quality content.

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When I clicked to view the photogrammetry data, it went to and was unable to view. Is there a way to export the 3-D model view from Drone Deploy to be viewable in a browser? or do you have to make it public viewable, or re activate paid subscriptions, or just what?

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