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Aerial Insight   Services

We work with Aerial Insight Services to provide Aerial LiDAR, Terrestrial LiDAR, mobile LiDAR, Photogrammetry, Utility Inspections, and Training.


Branded Content Production

Indiana Drones hold a position of truth and trust with our audience.  We serve to demystify the complex and convey real world experience to our audience.  We would love to share your product or service with our audience!


UAV, LiDAR, and GPS Equipment

We have spent the money to learn which equipment works best.  Let us help you find the correct equipment for the job!



The Indiana Drones team has been operating commercial UAVs since 2015.  Our team's background in remote sensing, experimental physics, optics, computer vision, and cloud computing has led us to the most remote places on the globe, flying drones, processing data, and delivering GIS, DEM, and Contours. 
At Indiana Drones we are committed to our audience. We are a place to find 3rd party user information on industrial drone systems, sensors, services, and capabilities. We hope you join us through our Youtube channel and follow along. We are always happy to talk!  Subscribe, Like, Share, and Comment!